Bacome a part of our big family of satisfied guests. It smells of Istria and its tradition here.

For bigger groups of guests, you can order dishes by reservations.

Annual events.


Twice a year we prepare an event called Osmica,  which lasts up to 10 days. On taht event we offer our home-cooked dishes, our good wine, some types of alcoholic and some non-alcoholic drinks. You have also the opportunity to buy various home-grown products such as wine, olive oil, dried meat products, truffles and others. You are welcome!

Osmica 1
Osmica 2
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Truffles fest

The truffles fest is organized once a year, in the middle of the “truffle hunting” season, that’s in October. We offer a variety of truffle based dishes. The truffles are fresh as they are of local origins. Come and taste by yourself the quality of our cuisine. You will have the smell of truffles for a long time. You are welcome!

Prva stran 2
Red Grapes with leaves, glass of wine and fresh cheese on rustic

Asparagus fest

We also organize the Asparagus Feast once a year at the beginning of the asparagus harvest season, which is in April. We offer asparagus dishes such as eggs with asparagus, eggs with asparagus and bacon, eggs with asparagus and prosciutto and others. We also make “Mega omelette with asparagus”. Everyone get  a part of it. Live music and good company are always there! You are welcome!

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