A family company that is taking care of your wishes for many years. We found something for everyone.

History of Kantina Romano

The first official official notes of the name of the village of Popetre date back to the year 1250. At that time the village was called Popetrae. Since the farming was a necessity for the survival of families at the time, and because the village had an interesting location - the road connection between Trieste, Koper and Rijeka, and the proximity of the Dragonja River, there was always goods exchange and serving guests with foods and drinks in the village.

Romano and Zora Marsič also accepted this challenge in 1985, they opened an inn in the village. Romano is well known in the village, as the surname Marsič has been present in Popetre for 300 years. Offering food and drink was not a problem for them. Romano's farm was the biggest in the village. They raised cattle, pigs and chickens. Cereals, barley, oats, pumpkins and other vegetables grew on the fields, but maize was most expanded. The grapes of the wine Refošk grew in the vineyards, and later when there was a bigger demand for white wines, they start to grow also grapes of white wine. Olive oil was also in offer. That's how people start to appreciate the inn of Popetre and the kindness of its owners.

After 30 years Kantina Romano opens its doors again. Romano's son Robi continues the tradition of the family. Come and see by yourself the culinary delicacies of Kantina Romano. You will not be disappointed.

The village Popetre time ago

3 generations of Marsič family

Robi Marsič at a young age infront of Kantino Romano

Our team

Our team is made up of the entire Marsič family, as we believe that if we work together, we can reach any goal. Father Romano, who first opened an inn in the village 30 years ago, still helps a lot, since all the farm crops, whose flavors are found in Kantina Romano, is from the farm of Marsič family. Mother Zora also helps, especially in cooking, where she has a lot of experience, but also in serving guests, as the villagers know her as a kind and hard working woman. Son Robi and his wife Kristina are the heart of the Kantina. Robi takes care of the kitchen and Kristina serves every guest, even those with special desires. They found something for everyone in Kantina Romano. The daughters of Robi and Kristina – Gaia Sofia, Zoia, Neli, are slowly introducing themselves into family activity. They say that they will continue the tradition of Kantina Romano, which has been going on for 30 years. The new member of the family Staš is just watching  for the moment, but is already showing a lot of curiosity.

Come and join our big family of satisfied guests. Our flavors are traditional, they smell of Istria and its delicacies. That’s why our guests are happy to come back. You are welcome.