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After 30 years Kantina Romano opened its doors again.

There is a large terrace on a beautiful sunset view infront of Kantino Romano, where we belive in old customs like family, hard work and the smile of true friends. That's why our dishes are so delicious and full of love, they're prepared with natural crops and with feelings about your wishes. We offer traditional istrian dishes and drinks every weekend and two times a year at time of Osmica - an event of 10 days. For bigger group of guests the opening time is by agreement. Visit us and discover our big family of satisfied guests which return with pleasure. You are welcome.

Opening time

Monday, Tuesday:
4 PM - 10 PM,
Wednesday: CLOSED,
Thursday, Friday:
4 PM - 10 PM,
Saturday, Sunday:
12 AM - 10 PM.

For big group of guests the opening time is by agreement. There is an event of 10 days called Osmica two times a year.

Delicious, natural and homemade

Visit us and discover our quality

Kantina Romano is a family farmhouse, that opened its doors again after 30 years. Our surname is present in the village of Popetre for 300 years, that's why we belive that our tradicional istrian cuisine and our warm smile will convince you . You will discoved why our guest visit us again and they are asking us for our dishes.

Slicing dishes

Mixed slicing dishes, that smells of Istria and its tastes - ham, bacon and air dried pork meat

6,00 €

Egg dishes

Eggs with bacon or eggs with dried pork meat - selected quality local meat.

8,00 €

Dishes by order

We prepare dishes by order for big number of guests - roasted pig, dishes roasted on fire and other dishes by order

Main dishes

House stew - bean stew, vegetable stew or istrian jota

5,00 €

Main dishes

Ham in wine sauce - big portion (ham in sauce of wine Refošk).

20,00 €

Our location

Where to go?

What can you find near us?


Our beautiful Land of wine Refošk offers a lot of cycling routes for trekking cyclists and also for mountain bike cyclists. There is a cycling route K1 that goes true Kantine Romano. Discover more.

Zeliščni raj slovenske Istre

Zeliščni raj slovenske Istre is situated in the village Trsek, near the village Popetre. There you can buy lotions for the body, etheric oils, olive oils, flower oils cvetna olja, honeys and other products. They can also guide you through their plantations for studying plants and their products.

Guest house Nolstalgia

There is Guest house Nostalgia near Kantina Romano, where you can find a room for rent to escape from the daily stress. Air-conditioned house includes 2 bedrooms with a living room.

Walking trails and natural heritages

There is a cycling route that goes true the village Popetre. Travelers and explorers of untouched nature pass by the village up to Mazurin mill which has 300 years. There is also the well of the river Dragonja near the village.

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